EE Lessons.

WordPress plugin for structured content.


Empowering Education (EE) is a non-profit that provides mindfulness content for educators to bring to the classroom. Users will log in to the online service to access lessons, download content, and see usage examples.


Create a structured form allowing site editors to manage lessons. Provide a non-developer way of modifying the output template. The downloadable content must be restricted based on user access.


A user has access to age band K-2 and visits the K-2 Mindfulness page. Once logged in, they are able to download the associated content.


PHP, WordPress, WordPress Custom Post, Advanced Custom Fields, Divi, Memberful


This was a fun project. It allowed me to work with WordPress and extend it’s feature base. I was able to create a custom post type (the EELesson post type). I integrated with Advanced Custom Fields to build the form. EE already chose Divi as their templating engine, I was able to build a custom template. And lastly, they use Memberful for user role access. By utilizing each of the integrations already present, EE is able to manage this feature on their own.